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Joy Celebration Ministries & The Apostolic Church

Greetings in Christ Jesus, It's time for the remnant of God to rise up and to come together.

The Lord has been flowing in many wondreful ways with many impartaions and revelations.

Many have been filled and many have been healed by the Lord this past year thru this ministry.

Looking forward to the next phase of what God has in store. Looking for those who want to walk in signs and wonders and miracles. Starting with a hunger for knowing and for being one with Christ.

Join me in this next season of exceleration in the kingdom of our God.

Contact us to see how you can get involved:  all4Jesus

You are special to God - you let Him know He's special to you when you praise Him.

Check for current updates.

Every month will be as follows:


*The first Friday - praise & worship.

*The second Friday - prayer and healing.

*The third Fridayteaching from the Word.

*The forth Friday - a guest speaker (It may be you!).

*All months with a fifth Friday - fellowship with friends.

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